"I will speak nothing but the truth as I know it to be, and will endeavour to bring light and knowledge to any who wish to receive it…"


The path becomes clear

‘…surrender is not abandoning your dreams, it is the key to fulfilling them.’

What to write about today? Well my friend, there are so many things we could discuss. Love, animals, energy, stars, today, tomorrow, the future of all things… but what really matters right now?

Well that is on an individual basis. We are all here to lead our own lives, to follow our own paths, to walk our own footsteps. What is right for one may not be right for another, and yet the world persists in trying to make us believe that we should all walk as one – walk this way, talk this way, dress this way, eat this food.

Yet this is not so, we each have a deep yearning inside of ourselves to be individual, to follow our true paths, and no-one, no-one at all can tell us what that path is or where it may lead, except perhaps for our own true selves. Look deep within, hear your true song, and you’ll receive a glimmer of light, an idea, of what is in store.

And yet nothing is fixed, all is changeable, and where you go is entirely up to you, through your choices, your decisions. We can, and do, give a helping hand, but this life is yours to lead, no-one else’s.

So what to talk about today, is entirely individual – we are all at different stages on different paths, though we all walk towards the light, in one way or another, even those who seem lost will find it eventually.

There are those who will find hope and guidance in the smallest of things, a rock, a pebble, a word, a song – and it is all there for you, we are often at work with these things. And yet there are others who will not see what is right in front of their faces, the help that is handed to them on a plate – whether by spirit or human, or any other form.

But that is simply a matter of time, we all find our path in our own time, in our own way – and there is no way to make another find theirs, if anything you will push them off course. A path is an inner thing, a heart felt thing, and you find your way from your heart centre, feel your way, know when you follow and when you divert. We all feel this, it is how much attention we pay to it that is important.

People want to know their purpose, their reason for being here – well it is all there, and when truly aligned in this world, with yourself and with this planet you live on, then all will be revealed – in every step that you take there will be a breath of wonder. As more is understood day by day, your path unfolds more and more clearly.

Stay true to this and you will find the signs clearer, the help more obvious, your strength stronger, your surrender more wholehearted. And in aligning to your path, you are aligning to you, to your higher self, your true nature, your true purpose – you open the doors for your guides to help you – ego drops away and heart becomes everything – the road is clear, free from the debris you had previously attracted.

Ego is like a magnet, drawing in confusion, complication, and hurdles to be cleared. Surrender allows these to fall away, and so the path becomes clear – surrender is not abandoning your dreams, it is the key to fulfilling them. Imagine if you will, a clear red path through the desert, towards the sun, free from all obstacles, straight and true, and you are strong and energised and ready to walk into the future. Pure spirit, you are connected, and your higher purpose is calling.

Let go of preconceptions, of hindrances, of baggage – of anything anyone has ever told you. Listen to your heart, and step onto the path – it will feel right, and your whole life will change. No more meandering, no more step on step off, no more good, bad, guilt, shame, fear, confusion – only alignment.

Allow everything you need to fulfil your journey to come to you – you do not need to go seek it, align and everything will be there, as it is truly timely and needed.

It is the biggest leap of faith to align to your path. And yet something we all yearn to do – to walk as one with our higher selves, with our guides and helpers all close by, walking with us, supporting us, listening to us, talking to us. Once the obstacles are removed, that part is easy – we are always there for you.

Trust is the hardest part, to trust that this is the way, to have faith in yourself, to believe – but you are all stronger in heart than you think you are, stronger in spirit, truer in light – and every day that you walk your path you will grow more, align more, become more and more the real you.

So you see, it does not matter what we talk about today, as all topics are but aids to discovery – and the biggest discovery is that our path is right there waiting for us. Have faith, take a step, and see the changes begin. Become who you truly are by letting go of all that you think you are… you will be surprised!

In love and light, as always, Wu Chen.


Time is a cage

Hear the song of the Universe, and let your heart join its choir…

Time, time is a matter of perception, of course, of observation of the Universe, its mechanics, its laws – time is not really there, not in the linear sense, it is merely a marking of the passage of events as you see them.

Always in a rush? Why – if there is no such thing as time, then why rush to get through it, why push – it is meaningless. Time is irrelevant, in the grand scheme of things, time is but a convention, a means by which to slow progress, to halt development, to confuse, constrict ¬- those to whom time matters most are those most imprisoned by it. Time is a cage for self-expression, a box, a way to prevent exploration of the soul, to condition the body, the mind, into believing that there is no time to spare, not a minute must be lost – shock, horror – it is not so!

Time is as flexible, as pliable, as rubber – you know this, deep inside, it is a knowing from the very beginning, a construct we made with the best of intentions to assist human kind. Was there ever a time without clocks, of one kind or another? Yes, but a very long time ago, pre-dating the civilisations we are generally aware of today, pre-dating even Atlantis, for this knowledge is very old – and yet age itself is meaningless when the linearity of time is removed.

Imagine, if you will, a spiral pattern, round and round we go, energy, life, no beginnings, no end, we develop, we exist, yet we can move about, we can choose where we wish to be next. We can be our ancestors, we can be both here and yet there, everywhere and yet seemingly no-where. Tick-tock goes the clock, but do we? Yes our bodies break down in a linear fashion – yet do we? No, we continue to grow, to evolve – in any direction, in any dimension that we like. A sphere of possibility, with you at the centre – and travel is possible to anywhere, anytime. And nothing is fixed, all is moving, growing, evolving, every molecule of energy, every byte, every tiny particle – nothing is still – and yet as humans we persist in saying ‘this is my time – I will create things thus so – and they will remain still and how I like them during my time here. Whereby I will achieve comfort, and success, safety in the knowledge that I have made the best of my time, for myself and those around me – my box is perfect, I have caged time, and preserved my ounce of life perfectly, it can be stacked on the shelves of time as a job well done.

And yet that which is not fluid and moving with the Universe, is stagnant and does not grow/evolve – it is stunted development, chapter one done I shall stop here. Listen to the universe, the song, the movement, the dance – it is ever flowing, in all directions, and to truly live it become one with that dance, move in every moment, flow and harmonise, allow the Universe to move you – do not attempt to move it, or hold it stationary for that matter! Life is movement, all the time, it is awareness, consciousness, feeling the moment and dancing with it, allowing it to become one with you – and then you find your life’s path, your direction, and the best possible result is from purely allowing, with open heart and open mind.

Hear the song of the Universe, and let your heart join its choir – and you shall be where you are meant to be. Time does not enter into it, it is a state of being, of living, not a place you can journey to, not a success to be had, not persistence, nor study, nor lifetimes, nor with the greatest help available. It is you, in your heart, your Universe, your perception – and there is no time, just you, now, in the moment. So stop, for a moment, stop the rush, stop and listen – hear the wind in the trees, see the bird in the sky, feel the earth beneath your feet, the replenishment of the rain, the sun on your face, and the love all round you. And then tell me that you have no time – the time is now, and only now, you are in it, you are it – then let it go, and live your life in accordance to the flow of the Universe, and you will find a calmer path, a happier path, a path of wholeness and complete connectedness – and all else will follow as it should. There will be no box to stack on a shelf, to be lost and forgotten in the annals of time – for there is no time, and now no box, just complete freedom to be, now, and evermore.


“… like a pin on a map, each choice is the start of the next direction, the next journey we must take… Do not spend your life looking back at the pins, look to where the next pin will be, and imagine it into the now.”

Hello. My name is Wu Chen, many of you know me already from these writings. To those who are new to this, welcome, I am glad to have the privilege of your readership. We haven’t written for some time, things have been moving along at a rapid pace, for all of us on planet earth right now, and as above, so below; the whole universe is in a state of constant change, ever moving, ever progressing.

Every dimension feels it, the change that is upon us; like a web, no movement can happen silently, the reverberation is felt across time and space, no matter how small, or insignificant the action. We are all linked, with every fibre of our being, every molecule – we are all as one, in our own way. What we choose to do with this, how we choose to act, is up to us, we are here to make our own choices, to make of our lives what we will and no choice is a wrong choice, not good or bad – it is more like a pin on a map, each choice is the start of the next direction, the next journey we must take.

Do not spend your life looking back at the pins, look to where the next pin will be, and imagine it into the now. Where do you want to be? What do you want to do? The choice is now, we are in a time of action, of precipices – will you run, will you jump, will you pull back in fear, or fly in the wind? The ball is rolling, have no fear of that, two worlds colliding – not quite so, but many worlds becoming closer, interlinked, barriers dropping, realities blending, becoming ever closer.

For those with heightened awareness you are already noticing the changes, seeing the impossible, hearing, sensing, feeling more. And for everyone else, the world is becoming a scarier place – no longer are you sheltered, no longer can you believe that nothing exists, that fairy stories are just that – you too are sensing things, is there one person you know who has not had some sort of experience that they cannot explain? However small…

We are all moving, time is moving, shifts and divides, rearrangements, like tides crashing against rocks – some movements are seamless, gliding into place, and other changes tear like a rocket through the sky – sudden epiphanies, sudden realisations, the understanding that something is inexorably wrong, and a clear vision of what is right.

Or fog, for many right now there is fog, and the search for the lantern, the one that says come this way, you are safe, I will light the path, you are no longer in danger, I have come to rescue you. There is an uneasiness, impatience, with life right now, a feeling of being uprooted, insecure, of mixed emotions, of being torn, finding blurs between right action and timeliness, of need and of desire, from the core of our being, as our hearts cry out in expansion, as focus moves to this area, as all across the world hearts cry out to one another for a universe based in love, compassion, surety.

No more will heads rule the day – there is sense in balance, in perspective, in intelligence, but now is the time of the heart, to surge though bringing light and healing to all aspects of our lives. Old wounds must be healed, past contrivances laid to rest. We must forgive, especially ourselves, and allow ourselves to be filled with healing. Then and only then, can balance come, and new beginnings begin. Without this we are torn apart – times are changing, and if we cannot change then it hurts – the very fabric of the universe is shifting around us, how can we stand still, dogged, determined, willing no change to happen? It will happen, like it or not, better to choose your direction than fight the tide. Be master of your own destiny.

What is it you have always wanted? What do you really want to do? Ask inside – what is it I really came here for, what is my purpose, what does my heart tell me? Find the answers, they are not hidden, just unlooked for. Then choose your way, and understand this – the universe will work with you, change is happening all around you, once you decide your path, find your way, your lantern – then the universe will pick you up in its current and carry you along – no more will each day be a struggle. But choose nothing, choose not to change, not to listen to the earth and her calling? Then for how long can you fight, how long can you stand firm when all around you moves?

The choice of course, is yours, but there are times when the best advice I can give is to relax, to choose, to visualise, to feel the future that you want – now is the time to shape it, to bring it into reality – all the buses in the world are going to every destination possible – which one will you get on – some even have journeys outside of this world, and for some that will be their choice. Free will is what makes us human; choice is what makes our time here worthwhile.

Even for those who chose a restful life this time, a deserved period of relaxation, movement is still happening, if in a calmer way. But for most of us, we chose to come here at this time, to be part of the changes, to give ourselves these lessons, these hardships, these opportunities for choice and to challenge ourselves to be the change, to take the leap, to move humankind on in its development. And that was never going to be easy. But we knew that, before we came. We said ‘Yes! We can do this, I am strong, I am healed, I am me!’ and then we return here and our resolve is gone, we forget our strength, we forget the whole wide world of spirit, our friends, our companions, our guides, we forget that we are not alone, and we sit and feel sorry for ourselves – ‘it’s too much, I can’t, I don’t know what to do, what did I do to deserve this!!’

Just ask, just ask for our help – we too chose to come here as part of the change, to guide you, to be with you, to help clear your path when needed, or to place obstacles where you had prior agreed. We too agreed to be here in this time – it is difficult for us too, to see the pain and the indecision, the suffering of heart and dilemma of head, we want so much to call out to you, to say – we are here, we are with you, talk to us, we are doing all we can… but with your connection, your intent, we can do so much more!

That decision must be yours, we cannot just intrude, but we do all we can to be there, to give clues, to drop hints, to shape your world as you want it to be. You sit there and think just how much you need a friend right now, and then the phone rings – someone you haven’t heard from in a long time, and as it turns out, just who you needed to talk to. You have a dream, and suddenly an answer is clear. You read a book, and the words stick in your head, carried with you, reassuring you in the tough day ahead – all these things, and many many more, are our little works, small signs, but clear, true – we are here, we are helping.

Let us help now in this time of change – show us what you want – see it, feel it, with your heart, not just your head, and we will help to make the adjustments, to see the next pin placed well on the map, to see things come into line for you – the choice is yours, the assistance ours.

The universe shouts out to all of us, the changes on earth are not unique, but are strong, and much attention is drawn. The frequency of visits has increased, of visitors and onlookers, all waiting to see how we will fare, what decisions we will make. Planets have come and gone before, species have lived and died, life forms have evolved. In the grand scheme of things, we are just going through a stage of evolution, a small, yet interesting step forward. Who knows what the future will hold – no really, who knows? – for now nothing is certain, it is in our hands, each individual one of us has responsibility, and once we make our own choices, we will see everything come together as a whole.

It is time to clean up, sweep out the attic – in every sense, take what you need and move on, move up, move out – whatever is right for you, but leave the excess behind, the past behind, the doubts and the fears – take only the good and the light and they are your building blocks / stepping stones for / to the future – see it and step onto your path, we will be with you every step of the way.

Do not fear, make your choice and allow it to happen, state is out loud, then sit back and wait for the signs, then follow with surety – asking for more information along the way – you will get it. Trust yourself, trust your instincts, and know yourself. The truth is out there for all to find, know yours, be it with every breath, and you will find a depth you never dreamed of – life, love, meaning, connection, and a heightened awareness that you can’t help but build on.

Now, and only now, will you truly step into the real you, the true you – if you choose to do so – give intention for the inner you, the higher you to come in, to help you even as we do, and feel the life force, the energy, the love fill you and wrap around you, assuring you of your forgotten strength, your forgotten confidence – you can, and you will succeed in this life, this is but the first step of many amazing advances, so go for it child, if you can, go for it and welcome the changes, the love, the life – your life, your truth, your self.

Rise Up and Be!

“… get on board and ride, do not be the last person on a bus to anywhere…”

Silence. At the end of the Universe. Silence, and yet not. All around is noise, but it is unheard. There is no-one here to hear it, that is all.

But there is life. There is life everywhere, just not in the format that you and I are familiar with. Just because something is unseen, does not mean that it is not there. A dog hears a whistle that humans cannot. There is always noise. And now is the time to hear, begin listening, there is so much more within the range of your hearing than there previously was. The world is changing, and with it, your abilities, all of you, all over the world.

Sight also, there are overlaps, time is shifting, is not as stable as it once was. Sound and sight, and touch and feel. How do you feel? New energies are coursing through the world, through you, through me, attune to them and notice how different you feel. Stop and notice how different you are, already, in such a short time, you have already changed. You need more, you need life to mean more, and life to give you more, to be more. And that is planned, and you will be.

Now is the time of change, it was forecast, it was foretold, it is now upon us. And what does that mean to the everyday man or woman? Just listen, see, hear, smell, taste, feel – everything is different, and you must adjust your life accordingly. If you are not where you are supposed to be, then change it. If you are not happy, then change it, if you are not fulfilling your dreams, then make a change – now is the time. No more arguments, no more whats and ifs and buts, just do it, and feel the energy shift with you and around you, enfolding you and welcoming you, change is good.

Change is needed, the world cannot sustain itself as things stand. A shift in consciousness is well overdue, a shift in perspective, in allowance, in the viewing of others, and of self. No more time for feeling sorry, and dejected, and down. Now is the time to do something about it, make a positive move, and know that spirit is behind you, spirit will see you through, however impossible you think the task may be, you are supported, you are loved, and the time is right.

What is it you have always wanted to do, where have you always wanted to go, what is holding you back? Money? That can be arranged, there is always a way, if you look and listen and feel for the signs, we will help you. The time is right, therefore all other things will happen, will fall into place, it’s not now or never, but now is optimal, for success, for power over your life, for YOU to take control, to change direction, to tell the world what it is you want, who you are, what you are doing here, and what you intend to do.

No more sitting around defeated, no more wishing for change but never actioning it, no more. The time is now. We are in the second half of 2012, there is a window for change, and right now we are centred to jump through, to that new life, that new world, to a place where we can create beyond limit. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Where to do you want to be? Why are you here? Know these things, to know yourself, to know the world, to know your purpose.

For we all have a purpose, a reason for coming here, at this time. A time of great shift and change, you wonder why oh why would I choose to come here at this time, when things are so difficult, when things are so hard – but it’s merely outlook, things have always been hard, it’s part of being human, it’s what we choose in order to grow. But now, but now, you can change everything, rise up into the full Self, rise up and Be! You are more magnificent than even you can imagine. Taller, stronger, prouder; a column of light in the universe, an amazing course of energy, of life, of light. Shine your way, your beacon, so that others may see and follow.

What do you think? Can you do it? Can you expect the unexpected, the unbelievable, the dream, can you say yes I deserve that, yes I want that, yes I am going to dream it into existence? Now is the time, if you had any doubt, any fears, now is the time to lay them to one side, now is the time to act – if you were waiting for a sign, if you were testing the waters, if you were unsure, if you were just waiting, patiently – let this be that sign, that now is the time to act. It may be scary, it may be a leap into the unknown, it may be a full on upheaval of life. But what it won’t be is wrong, or a mistake, or a bad move – change is good, and change is timely, and if you follow what is true to you, really, deeply true to who you are, then you cannot go wrong – believe, trust, enable, create, and Live that life, we all have the power, do you have the courage and the strength to use it?

You are supported, each and every one of you, have no fear that you are on your own, no-one is. We are with you, ask us, trust us, and we will do everything in our power to ease this transition, to bring you the tools you need, the signs you need, the affirmations, the guidance. Pray – talk to us, and we can step in and help – we cannot just intervene as you well know, but ask us, and we will help. New worlds are forming, new dimensions, new energies, like winds, are shifting through the worlds, moving and shaping, creating, old and new, ancient and not yet dreamt of, all in its path, this is change on a multidimensional, universal, and personal level. Everything is possible, and choosing your direction is better than being blown along by the wind – know where you want to be, and the adjustment will be that much easier. Nay, it will be everything you dreamed of, not just hints and hopes.

This is change as has never been seen before, make the most of it my children, for not even we know the outcome of this opportunity, there is no limit to the possibilities, to the potential. Absorb the new energies, harmonise, know your destiny and create it, the time is right, the time is now. I say all this because so may of you are waiting, it’s 2012, where is this big 21st December? Will there be sudden elevation, a waking up to a brand new day? Yes, and no.  It is a special date, but the changes will be more profound, more enlightened, more developed if you are in charge of them, do not wait for others to shape your destiny, grab it with both hands and take charge.

Do not wait, the time is now – so get on board and ride, do not be the last person on a bus to anywhere, choose your destination, and get here early, while there are no queues – it makes sense doesn’t it? What world do you want to live in? Shape it, make it, and ascend. Your life is in your hands, not the lap of the Gods, they do not do your work for you – you chose to come here, it is up to you what you choose to leave with. A life where you took your opportunities, where you dreamt big, where you make the impossible yours – or a life where you waited, for someone else to do something, and then blamed the world that nothing happened, that you perhaps even took a step backwards on the ladder.

We are all behind you, but you must take the steps, make the decisions, and clearly know what it is that you want. Then, and only then, when you ask us to help, can we help. Know. Be. So much is changing, but it is not out of your control, far from it, it is one big bowl of opportunity, swirling around, waiting for you to dip your spoon in, to taste what it is that you want, and say yes – here, I want to be here, doing this, please help me to make it happen. And know it, know deep within your heart that it will happen, that a way will present itself, that you will have the help that you need. Hear the voice that is with you, saying yes, you will do this, look, listen and follow the signs, I am with you.

Have confidence, now more than at any other time, when things seem the most desperate there is the most potential, there is power in energy, so transform it for good, for you, and ultimately for the world. Lead by example, do this, for you, and others will look to themselves, deep inside, and see their own light, and be inspired to follow their own hearts, their own compass, and to have the strength and courage to be who they truly are, and thus evolve, shift, transform, and take their own opportunities, their own part of the new energies. It is not selfish at this time to get it right for you, for when you are truly shining in harmony with the Universe, then the light is greater for everyone else to see by, to know by, to hear by, and they themselves will find it easier to adjust, to change. So look first to yourself, look inward, and then outward to the Universe, hear her song, and find your place, you’ll know it when you look, and then stop with the questions, just do, know, and be.

And now my friends, I have my own evolving to do, the new energies are as much a part of the spirit world, and many other words, as they are a part of the transformation of Mother Earth, and so time is short, and we are busy. So go, dream, be – and we will make it happen. Thank you my friends, thank you.


Warriors of the Light

“…surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course…”

The topic for today is conscience, consciousness and consistency. Never, in the lifespan of humankind have these three things been so important. Awakening is beginning now. Evolving eternal movement and progression – stars are aligning, planets juxtaposing, souls enlightening, it is time. A shift in consciousness is now upon us, we all feel it in some way, big or small, a niggle in the back of our minds, or a wallop of change and experience, it is different for all of us, and felt very much in the spirit worlds as well as around the Universe. Earth’s actions do not just affect Mother Earth, and humankind are far from alone in their endeavours, be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

So consciousness is required here, the ability to be aware of our actions and the greater consequences. Awareness of life, of our ability to change events, how our actions affect the worlds, not just ourselves. The old protest of ‘how can one person make a difference’ or ‘what does it matter if I do this one little thing, whom can it hurt’ no longer apply – every action affects the whole, and we are feeling this daily as our connections expand. So consciousness, an awakening consciousness is called for, for all people, and those around us.

It is time to live up to what our conscience desires, man needs to act, fairly and in good time, to adjust his own life and better that of those around him. In so doing, the whole of humanity will progress at an accelerated rate, lighter and with more love and understanding. By this I mean that as our aspirations grow spiritually, our load is lightened, as is our energy signature, our whole ‘imprint’ in the universe is raised in vibration, and our abilities spiritually will grow and grow. We are becoming what we once were, enlightened beings, with the power to do good, to love, to heal, to share, to promise, to reward, to grow, to evolve, to Be, in love and honesty and grace, to look after this world, in faith; harmoniously and in love.

Once a battlefield, Mother Earth will once more become a playing field – a place of laughter and growth, of fun and frolics, of learning and sharing. And how to do this? Honesty, with self, an abundance of love for others, an ability to see beyond the now, the Me, the everyday worries and concerns, and to trust in surrender, that everything will be right.

This sounds unlikely, I know, but surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course. To find its way in this world, to lead you where you wanted to go, to take you on your path, to meet those people you are destined to meet, in other words, to surrender to the flow of your nature, in harmony with your very own energy, is to stop fighting for your conception of the world, and to start living in it, to relax and have the easy life, to say ‘okay – I will listen, I will learn, I will follow my instincts. I will take a leap of faith, I will journey along life’s highway not knowing where it will take me, but knowing that the direction is true, the course steady, and it is all that I have asked for and desired before I came to this world, all I wanted for my own progression and development, all I needed to improve as a person, to become whole, to evolve with and as part of humanity. This life is a very special one for I chose it in a time of great change upon this earth, a time of strife, and hardship and pain, and it has not been easy, but now I know that it is for good reason, just cause’.

And feel the burdens fall away, the shoulders relax, the footsteps become easier, yet somehow more connected to the earth, the steps surer, the way clearer, and know, know, that this is what faith is – trust yourself, your inner guidance, your very own energy signature. You know when this is in balance, you know when you are totally attuned to the universe – when you sit in perfect stillness, yet alive with every cell. Sit now and feel – it is one thing to be aware of yourself in the universe, but can you find that signature, that particular tune that is your song, that wave that is yours, resonating throughout the Universe, throughout dimensions. Find yourself and harmonise with this vibration.

To be conscious of this, to be attuned to this, to your very Self in all its essence is to find the way forward, balanced and open for answers, for experience, for growth, for change. If we all knew ourselves in this way, what a rapid speeding up in evolution there would be, and so much better communication, with each other, with us in the spirit world, with beings all over the universe. To truly know your own energy signature, is to more easily recognise that of others, to connect automatically, particly, to see, feel, hear your signature, perhaps a colour, or a note, or just an energy, and to then become aware of the others around you, and to build deeper more meaningful connections on a truly harmonious soul level.

It is written in the stars, so the saying goes, now expand your mind cosmically, understand that you and Mother Earth are all just tiny particles in the Universe, just frequencies with space in between, instances of light that can blend and mix with other light, to know, to become fuller, more knowledgeable, more expanded in mind and spirit – now is the time for cosmic knowledge, ancient timeless knowledge, for what is time outside the boundaries of space, everything that is and ever was is reachable now by this method of expansion – all the old skills; travel beyond the stars, inconceivable knowledge of other planets, other dimensions, the old ways, the ancient ways from before man ever walked the earth, and yet spirit was alive.

Remember, and connect. Consciousness takes on a whole new meaning in this light, and here plays the part of conscience, of that inner feeling of what is right and wrong, what is a good thing to do and what is not, what you really shouldn’t have done, and what you lament having missed. Here is the time to try, for the evolvement of mankind, to try to really Be in this world, to understand the energy of every action, the consequences.

And the more you tune in to your energy signature, to the universe, to your guides, guardians, ancestors and helper friends, the more finely attuned your conscience will become, you will, in fact, begin to predict the consequences of actions, or words, or glances, in all their subtlety, before the action has been performed – not on the usual level of a debate in the mind, but as a split second feeling, a knowing, an argument with Self that has been finished before it has begun, you will just know if a course of action, or expression of words is in tune with your signature, if it is really, truly, who you are and what you think, or whether it is ego talking, self-interest, manipulation, or greed.

Not that these things don’t have their place, there is reason for all, but to be conscious of your conscience on an elevated level, more finely attuned, where the topics of debate are more subtle, have more consequences, even things that you cannot predict, or are unaware of, but know, surely and soundly, that a particular phrase or action from yourself is the right one – something that on ground level would have no answer, you just ‘felt’ it to be right.

This is what this tuning in is all about – about actions and words that are in keeping with your signature, your own balance, your own harmony, this is a new and improved level of being in balance, of being true to your true self, and yet at the same time learning who this Self is, to naturally allow it to flow, and in so doing progress you on your path – surrender is merely to open the door to the true self, to allow your full spirit to work through you, in conjunction with others that you have chosen. And in this way, man evolves.

Consistency is also a factor here. You cannot pick and chose when to listen to yourself and when not to – to do this is to send your soul on a roller coaster ride, at one point up, then down, then all around – this is not harmony, it merely touches it at a middle point! A whole evolvement of character is called for here, and no, it is not an easy path, yet must be walked to be transformed. You can do it, you know this deep inside, you would not be stood here contemplating it if you could not, you would not have come here and met with this challenge on this earth, at this time, if it was not what you knew you could do.

There is a duty here, a responsibility, for those who can, to do! And like the first creatures crawling out of the sea lead the way for evolution into man (and so many other species), so it is now our turn to lead the way into a new world, to light the way, to act as example, to show, to teach, to learn from others, and for you to put out your hand and help others up, as we try so often to do for you. They will come once the way is lit, humanity is desperate for evolution, and though many will fall by the wayside, the true of heart will lead the others through.

I do not mean by this that there is some Valhalla on the other side, I am not speaking of spaceships and absolution and white light, of the rescued few forming another race, of the favoured becoming saints, of cults being right all along – of course not (though within each of these subjects there are tiny elements of truth and history, each with their own fascinating lessons – for another day!) I’m speaking of an adjustment of perspective, of shifts in energy, of an awakening of different parts of the brain, an acknowledgement of eternal being, of mans place within the universe, an awakening of skill, of telepathy, of travel, inter-dimensionally. A new era for humankind that is lighter, more giving, more in tune with all life, where people know themselves, know why they came here, and are truly in tune with that which makes them tick.

This world can put an end to war, can help revive the planet, can heal with ‘miracles’ that suddenly seem so simple, we once were Warriors of the Light, it is now time to pick up that mantle yet again, and to rise with the growing consciousness of Mother Earth, to harmonise with her shifts and changes, with the shifts and changes occurring in the Universe, to be as one – our own signature, yet uniquely connected to everyone and everything. The new world is a new consciousness, a new way of viewing, of being, of loving, of healing – and it is for everyone.

This is not a time for preaching (was there ever a time?), for lofting your views, for talking airy fairy ‘psychic’ magic – we all have the ability, we always have, we always will, the difference is that now the energies are right for us all to grow – and our job (our being anyone reading this for you have found your way here), our job is to assist by first looking at our selves, by harmonising to who we truly are, and by doing that finding our own path, our own attunement and balance – not in moments of workshop, or trance, or candlelit sage wafted meditation (I speak to my own medium here), but in everyday life, in being attuned at every moment – an awareness.

As consciousness expands you will know your own energy so well that the old issues of ‘open and closed’ and ‘protection’ will become less and less relevant, you will naturally be a shining light, and in true harmony, nothing can penetrate that – nevertheless you will be aware, at even the distance approach of harm, from whatever dimension, and able much more quickly to dispatch/heal/or send it on before it comes half as close as was previously possible.

So it all begins with Self, your awareness, your consciousness. And then your conscience, that tuning in so as every move is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by feeling, knowing, instinct – you don’t know why something is right, you just know, in your gut, and this is your truth. Inspire others, not formally, not loudly, not in headlines (although this works too!), but by your very nature, your Being in the world, your consistent honouring of your truth. And this is the final step – consistency, it is not always easy, and we all make mistakes, even in the spirit world! But try to be true, and if you find yourself out of kilter, then realign yourself, find that harmony once more, draw energy from that place of balance, from the universe itself, and let any mistake go, do not dwell on it, but move on, and regain the calm, the true, the You.

This is how the Shift will work, this is what 2012 is all about. The shifts are planetary, for Mother Earth it has already begun, for those of you who tune into her energy, you are already noticing the differences, indeed it would be hard to miss them. We are all feeling the effects in some way, life is not easy for anyone right now, but if you tune in and find your flow you will no longer be fighting against the tide. The current, your current, will take you on your journey through the universal sea of consciousness, to the next level, the next place, and that journey is what you came here to do.

It is no accident that we are shifting at the same time as Mother Earth – it is called for, it is necessary, for us all to live in harmony, connected – and who knows what the future holds, what boundaries there will be if any, the scope for transformation is unlimited, the possibilities for humankind manifold. So encourage, explain, be subtle, be honest, be true and explain your truth to others, they do not have to agree, but perhaps a spark of what you say will ring true for them and set them off to find their own signature, their own harmony, perhaps subconsciously – you may never know the effect you will have, but by being conscious, by making friends with conscience, and by being consistent, you will have done all you can for your own development, expansion, and future, as well of that of humankind.

And on that note, be well my friends, be love, be laughter, and be Self, the time is now, the light is in your hands, Shine.


Life Just Is…

“…allow the light of love to flow through you, consciously, in every action you take. Remember we are  always here, waiting to work with you, when you are ready to take that first step and work for yourselves. Then and only then, can Spirit work for the world…”

“It was a very clear day in spring when I decided to try writing for the first time. I hadn’t expected it to work, I just thought I should give it a go, other people were doing it, so why not me? As I sat down I felt a surge of excitement course through me – today would be the day, today I would finally prove to myself that I could do something worthwhile, do some good in the world. And so here I was, sat in the sunshine, light pouring through the window, clean as a whistle, pure, heavenly, and I waited for it to begin.

And I waited.

I was ready, why wasn’t it happening? I had done everything that I had read to do, everything that I felt was right, I was prepared, ready, spiritually awake, and ready to give of myself to others – a warrior on a mission for peace – my sword being my pen, the paper my outlet, the world my potential audience. So why was nothing happening?

Well, it soon became very clear that the power of spirit was not going to work through me today – had I done something wrong? Was I being rejected? Was I not fit for purpose? I did not know. All I did know was that I felt a fool, sat there in the sunshine, expecting miracles, pen at the ready, cross on the wall, clean and bathed – I was prepared in every way, across the board, to please all deities, to allow all outcomes, and yet I felt now that something was missing, something had been misunderstood.

What could it be? As I moved away it struck me, Job had been right all along, a man could not be in charge of his actions to this degree, to finite detail, he does not control the world, not will he ever – not from this plane or dimension anyway. Man just helps to shape it, in one way or another, good or bad.

So what was I doing sitting there saying ‘Now  Spirit, now you will write, this is what I decree’. Since when is Spirit at my beck and call? And yet, what to do now? If that was not my path, then what was? In what other way could I pay service to the world? In what way should I act for God? How could I be a mouthpiece if I did not write? The answers were all there I’m sure, but jumbled, garbled, I could not pick one from another.

And so, sitting down again, I gazed out of the window, and saw a deer amongst the trees. ‘She does not care’ I thought, she just lives, just eats, just sleeps – she does not care if spirit is in her life or not, does not worry about the point of it all, about fulfilling life’s purpose – she just is. And turning once more to my paper I wrote ‘Life Just Is, a parable by Mark Anthony. Life just is, and the only way to know this is by being present and experiencing it. By being alive, and being true, and knowing love, giving love, seeking what is truly there, and then making choices. Step by step you can take action, movement, and so life progresses, you cannot control it, but you can live it – be it, stop fussing and get on with it! And when you do this, THEN spirit works through you, energy flows!’

And I realised that spirit had been with me all along, waiting for the opportunity to work with me, yet I needed to be the one to start working, to start writing, and as soon as I did the realizations came – I just needed to open the door and start writing, start my pen going. And then they’d be there, all my helpers, all my friends, my relatives, crowding around, filling my head and my heart with love and wisdom and energy – but they couldn’t do it until I picked up that pen and began.

Now I understand, an open channel is not enough, we are here to live, to work WITH spirit, with conscious intent and taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions – one step at a time. Sitting back and waiting for spirit to work is non-participatory and egotistical – whenever else do we expect someone else to do the work for us, not in any other job, that’s for sure!

And so, humbled, I sat down once more and continued to write ‘This is a brand new day…’ and soon my pen became a blur and time all but forgotten….”

A Doggy Tale

“…a whisper has begun, now what will you do? The very future of mankind is in your hands…”

Today I would like to talk about dogs, man’s best friend, or so he thinks. Actually dogs are here on their own spiritual path, their evolution as a species, and they are much more evolved beings. The fact that their path so often coincides with ours is a joyous thing, but do not be fooled into thinking they are here for us, for our pleasure, for our whim, for our fantasy. They are very much on their own path, and although agreements will have been made  prior to this life, they are two way, for the learning and development of  each party. Your dog, your pet, has agreed to be here with you, so bear in mind that this choice was made before you ever came here!

Wow, that changes things doesn’t it! Your dog has allowed you to share in his life experience – just as you have allowed him to share in yours. There are benefits to both parties – the love, devotion, loyalty and comfort that a dog brings to a human, and the warmth, shelter and care that you provide for your dog – to allow him to be, to exist happily in this life, to give, to love, to do what he has come here to do.

Now you must understand that this also applies to mistreated animals, that was also their agreement – that human, or humans, who did that to them, had lessons they needed to learn in this lifetime, and that dog, or dogs, had agreed prior to that life that they would help them to learn. Remember the body is just physical, wounds are peripheral, spirit heals.

And so they come here to teach, dogs are the greatest teachers for humankind, yet most of you believe that you are the superior beings! And yet they will sacrifice themselves in this way, to be humiliated, beaten, ran around racetracks, discarded, injured, left for dead – because of the great lessons to their owners. It may not be in this lifetime, but that spirit, that did that, will at some point realise what he has done, and it will be a shock, and it will be life changing, and there will be a turning point, a raising in awareness, and an overall evolution of spirit, the day that that soul says ‘oh no, what have I done?’

Do you see how important it is for us to learn these things? Of course humans do this too, we have our own agreements for learning, with our own complexities, and these can last lifetimes.

With dogs it is simpler – their lesson is easy to teach, they come here, they love, through whatever circumstances, they love and then they find their way home – to them it is simple. And why? Why do they do this? Their evolution of course! As I have mentioned, they are highly evolved spirits, they do not come here for material gain, for greed, for wealth, for power – they are not human!

They come here for us, to teach, to love, to be there when we need them, to be a source of wonderful energy, of calm, an example of unconditional love, an open heart – they are a living and breathing example of everything we should aim to be – they are like angels, come to show us the way – and yes, they learn in life too, they still grow from a puppy, and need to be trained, and loved, and looked after – but the difference is in the approach, in the left brain.

They are not controlled by this, they do not work with words and language, with code and logic, with sensibilities and numbers – none of this matters to them – they feel in their heart what they are here to do, they are right brained creatures that live on instinct, and love, and perception – they see so much more, that we don’t realise, and understand much more than they let on – don’t ever think that a dog is unaware of a situation, an argument, a tension, a dog knows because he feels it, and he will choose to respect you, to respect your energy by giving you what you need, be it distraction, love, or distance – his prime concern is to harmonise the energy that you’ve created, ‘the disturbance in the force’ if you like – he is a healer, and devoted to your evolution.

There is nothing Dog would like more than for one day you to realise his purpose, his reason for being, and to work with him as an equal, as all creatures are – to learn lessons from him – to learn the lesson of an open heart and unconditional love – that the reasons and the logic don’t matter, that harmony and healing are key. And down your path you may find your communication grows, there are many in this world who truly do hear the animals, who know their thoughts, who have tuned in through their open heart and mind – who are willing to hear what the animals have to say – and usually it’s a cry for balance, for a restoration of harmony, of normality, of being present in the here and now – of getting you back on your path, of putting the emotions to one side and feeling the love that is there for you – from the Earth, from the animals, from Spirit – none of us is alone as we would have ourselves believe, and they want you to remember that.

This gift is not for the few, all abilities are available to all people, through right mind and application, a willingness to learn, to truly love, to discover yourself, to experience a new found respect for all living things and the lessons they bring – hear the blackbird sing, the eagle cry, the cat purr, the bear growl – what are they truly saying? What can they teach you? And what can you do for them?

We are truly all here to support one another, to learn and to love, and there is no better teacher than Dog, who is so obvious in our lives, so much a part, that his lessons can go unnoticed, so totally absorbed as to be unseen.

Next time you sit with your dog, look at him, truly as a spirit, as an eternal being, and tell him you understand, you appreciate him, you want to learn from him, and in return provide everything he needs. Ask him to show you, and be aware of his movements, his actions – what do they mean on the bigger scene, in the grand scheme of things – do  you see him differently now? Do you see yourself differently?

And all those dogs that are not re-homed, that are in the pound? That are put down? Do not worry, they know this before they come here, and come only to experience a short life, they know they will go home soon, and are not afraid of that – why would they be? Animals know, all animals know, they remember the spirit world, they dream of it, they visit it – there is no fear for them, and they know when it is time to go. And that, too, can be a lesson for us all.

Of course they are not idle on the other side, they visit us often, in our dreams, and occasionally in plain sight – there are few people on earth who have not seen a former pet out of the corner of their eye, crossing the garden, sat in a corner, next to the bed, or even felt their weight on their feet, or a kiss on their face – and you say you are no psychic – you all are!

So they are busy – they visit us, and they prepare for us, they send us love, and they wait for that day when we come home, and we once again are reunited, a joyful moment indeed! And all the time they grow in love, and patience, unconditional and ever expanding, an energy so needed on Earth right now, and one we should all take heart from – do not think that we are the only ones working to save this planet, all species play their part, we are blessed that when Dog plays his role his life is so entwined with ours, that we have the pleasure and joy of his company as few other species do.

So look at your dog with new eyes, a renewed heart, and love him as he loves you. He knows his path and accepts it, he does not worry, but loves openly until it is his time to go home, knowing he has taught you all he can, and the evolution of mankind, and dog, is assured.

And so my friends that is all for today, a doggy tale has been told, a whisper has begun, now what will you do? The very future of mankind is in your hands, and awakening, a new energy that Dog welcomes with a woof! Go out, love, live, and see what you too can do for the world – a lesson that we too are ever learning, and evolving. Blessings be my friends, blessings be.


A Sparkle of Sunlight

“…There is a mutual benefit here – the world evolves, you evolve, the world heals, you heal, love fills the world, love fills your heart…”

Welcome Child, welcome to my world, welcome to the realm of Spirit.

Today I would like to talk to you about fairies. Yes fairies, I’m not joking! Fairies, pixies, elves, you name it – elementals if you wish, faery folk, the unseen, the unloved but by a few, the uncared for, the forgotten – the keepers of our natural world. And yet most of you have seen one, at one time or another, and dismissed it, as society has taught you to do – you are told that they don’t exist, and so you believe this instead of your own eyes.

Well they do exist! They did not leave this earth, merely changed their location to another dimension. Very few things from our folk stories that have survived generation after generation are untrue – they’ve just been misconstrued, misled, reshaped, inflated, or exaggerated, until the truth is lost or forgotten.

Faery folk exist, they see us, they hear us, they know what we do in the world, they work hard to combat the damage, to keep this world in good working order, to keep the rivers clean and the meadows pure, to encourage the birds to nest and the insects to breed – for every single life force has a part to play on this earth, and all must be kept in balance for her to sing her song. A loss of any one part has a detrimental effect on the whole, any species leaving this planet leaves work to be picked up by others, roles that have to be filled.

And what do they think of Earth now? Do they hate us for our errors? No, for that is not their nature – volatile they can be, passionate they are, but also great healers, great nurturers, great carers, and this is their primary concern. Do not think that if you kill a worm and an apple falls on your head this is accidental – there is a very real possibility that a faery had a helping hand in this! But do not think they are mean, or spiteful, as some legends will have you believe – they are merely trying to do their jobs.

The reason for speaking about this now is that we (humanity) are in a time of flux, of change, energies are shifting, out with the old and in with the new – our awareness is growing, our abilities increasing, and our vision expanding. Many folk, such as the faeries, will not remain invisible to us for long, we will begin to take note, to learn, and so we must be prepared – must have right attitude.

There are those that would seek to harm us, those who influence our politicians, our men of power, our banks, our law makers, our scientists and our media. And there are those who struggle to combat this, with love, with healing, with communication. No longer will the world be trodden on, we are awakening. And the faeries are wanting to help – but we must give back – an exchange is always required – that is why we say thank you when someone is kind, we are giving back a loving energy in return for that which they have given us – and it is the same with the faeries, they will help us to see, to grow, to love, to nurture, to restore – to bring this planet back to life. And in return we should give thanks, we should learn, we should practice, we should focus on what we find to be true – the ways in which we can help the world, the ways in which we can give back.

I say ‘should’ because we are not obligated, as I’ve said many times before, free will is a must, a prerequisite of our race, of humankind, choice is everything. So we do not have to thank them, or even acknowledge them, but this is then an opportunity missed.

Why? For they can help us, they have worked with the world for thousands of years, before man evolved consciousness – they have seen the rise and fall of nations, and have sometimes assisted – their primary goal is to look after the earth, the planet that so willingly gives of herself to be our home, to provide for us opportunities for growth and expansion, to learn and to love, to feel physical pain and physical pleasure – all of this for us – and they will do whatever they must to maintain this, it is their role in the big picture, and they have the heart and strength to do it. Do you?

So speak to them, invite them to work with you, you may not see them, but they are everywhere, you may dream of them, see a sparkle of sunlight that then disappears, a flash in the dark, a tinkle of colour, a brightening flower, a dewdrop, a voice on the wind, a feeling of life in your garden.

The birds know they are there, their sight is different to ours, and they are the frustration of cats all over the world. The insects, the flowers, the trees – they know them well. So why do they hide from us? The world became a bitter place. A place where church and man thought they could govern all, rule all, in disrespect and greed, where any who did not comply were shot, murdered, killed, outlawed, burned, buried, sold – you think the world is a bad place now? It has been worse. But never has Mother Earth needed help so much as now – humankind may be changing, but there is more than a waking up required here. Participation, action, intention, manifestation, all are tools for our use, for us as spirit to evolve mankind, to evolve the world – and all the many, many species, in their many dimensions, that she homes.

All that the faeries require of us is honesty, truth, an ear to listen and a mind to do – timewasters, dreamers, those who listen only to boost their egos – need not apply. Remember the apple on the head, the faeries are not backwards at coming forwards – be honest of heart, and open of mind, seek them out – in dreams, in meditation, even in sitting in the garden in the sunshine having a beer. Invite them into your world, carefully stating your intention – you do not want everyone walking in – and you will find they will turn up, when least expected, and small, subtle changes will begin to appear.

They can help you with healing, especially if you are inclined to tune into nature, they will certainly help you to garden, or grow things, they have ancient advise, ancient knowledge, can help with your wildlife, or with journeying, with animal spirits, with insect friends – if you have a plague of flies ask them to call in the spiders, another particular helper to mankind. Whatever you need they have a way to help. And not just them, there are many, many more kinds of folk out there, each with their particular skills and abilities, all willing to help when we show the respect and practice the oneness that we share with all things.

It is far more than equality, it is the understanding that when you break it all down, we are all energy, the same energy, and we are all inter-connected, and every thought, every breath we take, affects every other living thing in the Universe. With this recognition, this respect, and this love for all living things, comes the perfect basis for beginning to work with other folk, faeries in particular. They are ready, they are waiting, there is a mutual benefit here – the world evolves, you evolve, the world heals, you heal, love fills the world, love fills your heart. And what we are is what we attract – so what is there to lose!

Don your fairy wings, express your love, put out some water in the moonlight, a mince pie at Christmas, herbs in the garden, even a post-it note on your desk – put some little bit of your energy out there as an olive branch, an extension of self, an offering, in exchange for assistance – and they will come, for the benefit of us all.

And so I conclude my little discussion on faeries – I say discussion as I can hear each of your questioning and querying as you go along! And I hope I provide the answers that you seek. Until next time, my dear friends, goodbye.

Daily Manifestation for 2012

I am Spirit

I am Light

I am Love

I am Teacher

I am Student

I am Whole

And I Shine!

Connection is Everything

“All energy is matter, and all energy matters…”

Today I would like to talk about Trust. About blind faith, believing and in doing so, healing. So much of the world is in torment, a living nightmare in everyday lives – never knowing where the next meal may come from, or if the weather will be kind to them today. People are suffering, hugely, and not just those in poverty stricken or war-torn countries – those in big business, they have also lost touch, with the land, with the earth, with the sky – they are as lost and lonely and fearful as the child alone in the desert, hungry and confused.

And why? Why this state that the world’s in? Why has it happened? And what can we do? People lost their connection, to Mother Earth, to one another, to Spirit, to Love – the pure joy of love that is all things – the creative energy that is the Universe, that is each one of us, that is the plants and rocks and animals – and yes, even buildings, and clocks and computers. All energy is matter, and all energy matters.

Without a connection to that we are just floating, aimlessly – no wonder people feel that they have no purpose in life, that it’s all hopeless, that this is it, and if it ends good riddance. They have forgotten, that is all… it is there in the memory of each of us, as spirit beings, as energy – we all have the opportunity to remember, to reconnect, if we so desire.

Trust. That is a big word in today’s society, where no-one trusts anyone – not with thoughts, not with feelings, not with money, nor with friendship. We have forgotten, or decided that life is better alone – really? Is it really better to push away all that you hold close? All potential friendships and loves? To protect oneself? From what? From living? Then what is the point?

Connection is everything, it leads to Love and it comes from Trust. Trust that all will be well, harmonious, reasoned – resulting in love that is pure, unadulterated, open, passionate and free to embrace all living things on equal par.

My medium is learning this now, to connect with all, she is remembering, she has done it before, in many lifetimes, and so have you all – for never were the human race so far from connectedness as you are now. In ancient times you understood, it was well known and documented that survival depended upon connection and trust.

You can reach out to anything and be with it – the smallest pebble, the largest dog, the fluffiest cloud in the sky. Say hello, open your heart, and let it speak to you. Let them sing their song, or just be, respect whatever works for you – but find a connection, one thing at a time, one a day perhaps – like having a bag of wool and each day picking out one thread, and joining it to yours, in mutual respect and admiration for the spirit within.

And then you will find you are not alone, that each and every one of us is connected, we are all energy after all! And the more you progress, the more you will feel these connections – the life around you in your home, in your garden. Reach out to life and say ‘hi’, ‘hi there’, ‘pleased to meet you’, and once more find your place in this world. For there is more here than just connection – we all have our story to tell, whatever we are – and strength and hope comes from these exchanges of stories, the building of community, the comradery of spirits, from all walks and forms of life. Hear it, see it, smell it, life is all around you, you just didn’t recognise it – we’re conditioned to tune it out, to concentrate on self, and self-importance, and yet help is so readily at hand.

And if you feel you can’t reach out, you would feel like a fool, an idiot, it won’t work etc. Then know that that’s okay – it is always okay – you are on a journey, always progressing – even the slightest intention is a step forward. Say ‘I would like to believe, I would like to trust’ and there is your first step. Then just sit a while, maybe under a tree, and relax – smell the sunshine, feel the breeze, just be with the energy of that tree, and that is enough. Gradually over time you will trust and as that trust evolves, so will your confidence, and so will your heart – becoming open to all things and all possibilities – your whole life has the potential to change.

‘If only we could blend today’s technology with the ancient love of the land’ you might cry ‘why can’t we have both?’ Well you can, technology itself is not a bad thing, it does not make us separate ourselves, become de-humanised – we do that, we blame the television, the internet, nuclear power – but these are all the creation of man, conceived and brought into being by man, and then followed by millions of worshippers, all of whom have a choice – to be in balance, or not. Do you work all day in an office, then come home to spend time with family or friends? That is balance.

You can fit this into your daily lives. It is not difficult, nor time consuming. Meditation is great, and pursuing further spiritual development a wonderful thing, and much needed right now. But finding connection in your life can be as simple as taking a deep breath full of trust and saying ‘hi Kettle, how are you today? Hello wonderful water, who has travelled so far to be here with me. And hi, teabag, journeyed from far off shores for my enjoyment and refreshment. Hello everyone, I am pleased to meet with you today, and thank you for giving of yourselves for the cup of tea I am about to make.’

It sounds silly, yes? But just try it, and see how it feels – you have reached out to the world, and it will respond to you. An open heart brings joy into the world, trust brings love, and intention to connect, be one, be whole with all things, brings healing – and never, never has there been a time when the Earth needed it so much.

Technology has got in our way, become an obstacle that we’ve forgotten we too can be friends with, and work around – but the fault for loss of connection is ours alone – and yet the good news therefore, is that it is ours to reclaim, it is not broken, it is not beyond repair – just dropped – as the wool back into the bag, and all we need to do is pick it up again and say ‘hi’.

Trust, it is a big word. But blind faith brings its own rewards – you don’t have to believe, just intend, and ask for help! It’s what we’re here for!! Ask for signs – and then look for them, sometimes subtle and often overlooked in the simplest of places – we will help you to trust if you ask us – just put it out there, and as results pour in your resolve will strengthen, and you will remember, you will know, and the trust will grow.

All things in life are a leap of faith – a lottery ticket is just this – you don’t believe you will win, but you buy one just in case, because there is some spark, far within you, that overrules your head and says ‘you might, you just might, you never know’. So begin your connections this way – you might not believe, but deep down you know the possibility may exist, and then trust your instincts, the way you feel, listen to yourself – and there too you will find a connection that can be strengthened and made whole. Just give it a go, what have you got to lose?

And so my children we come to the end of today’s journey, thank you for travelling the road with me, for this short while. Thank you for allowing me to connect with you, to expand my love, my energy, to build my trust in who we are – humanity – and our ability to heal this world, through small steps, each more valuable than gold.

Until next time my friends, thank you.